7 Amazon Prime Features – And no ones talking about them – 2017

7 hidden features you’ll want to know more about


Amazon Prime Features

Amazon is an amazing company. With so many prime features it is hard to know about them all. In my research I’ve come across at least 7 Amazon Prime Features that I didn’t know about before. I hope to keep this post updated so let me know in the comments section below if you’ve used any of these prime features and any new features that I haven’t added.

In many of my posts, and in future posts, you will hear me talk about DeWalt, Costco, Canon, Saucony, and Amazon.  It is because I’ve used these brands and I am comfortable telling you about my experiences with these brands.  One brand that I love to use whenever possible is Amazon.  So without further to do…

Let’s talk about some Amazon Prime Features

Amazon is great, possible take-over-the-world great. So here are some prime features you may be missing with your prime membership.

1. Student Discount

I’ll start where I started with Amazon about 5 years ago.  At the time of this blog Amazon is offering 6 months free of Amazon Prime for college students.  Normally you will pay $99 per year for the prime subscription. Students will get it for half that.  All you should need is a .edu email address.  Go to this page for more info.

2.  Wedding Registry / Baby Registry

Did you know that Amazon has prime features for gift registries? They have registries for weddings and babies.  This is really awesome because if you are going to register for your event like a shower you can create a list for almost any product.  If you are receiving an invitation for an event and having a hard time choosing the gift, a person that has registered on Amazon is likely going to appreciate gift cards from Amazon too.

3. Amazon Family

This prime feature is something I wish I would have known about a few months ago.  Basically you register and create child profiles for your children’s ages.  For selective ages you can purchase things like diapers and baby food for up to 20% off.  Also if you complete the baby registry above you can get a 15% registry completion discount.

4. Amazon Household

This product allows you to setup family members that you can share your prime benefits with.  You can have profiles for up to 2 adults (18+), up to 4 teens (13-17), and up to 4 children (under 12).  Shopping is disabled for the child profiles but not the teen profiles.  Sharing certain digital content is restricted between some of the profiles so make sure you know what you can and can’t share before you setup your profiles.

5. Amazon Home Services

Looking for a handyman, a lawn service, or to get your gutters cleaned.  This prime feature includes these and several other home services like carpet cleaning, home theater setup and patio furniture assembly.

6. Prime Photos

This free prime feature includes unlimited digital photo storage and 5 gb of storage for video, document and other digital files.  Need more space for your videos or other files? You can purchase addition storage of 50gb or 1tb.

7. Prime Pantry / AmazonFresh

Some items are cost prohibitively for Amazon to ship for free.  Prime Pantry allows you to purchase some of these items at a flat “delivery fee” per box.  Each item states how much of a box it takes up so you can maximize how much goes into your box. 6 rolls of toilet paper for example was 20% of a box.  As of the writing of this blog the flag delivery fee per box is $5.99.  Also something new that has come out recently is Amazon Fresh which is a 14.99 a month for grocery deliveries.


Many people know that Amazon also has a Prime Video service, Music service and you can access Audible (e-books) as well.  Each of these services offers a limited number of free “prime” items that change regularly.  Audible for example rotates 50 e-books that you can read.  Also, if you are into gaming, and have Twitch, check out Twitch Prime.
I hope you found a service or product that you didn’t know about before.

Comment below if there is any other Amazon Prime Features that you know about. Also check out the Amazon Specials in the banners below.

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