About Us

Our Family

We are Darren and Jennifer. We love our little home and family and want to share some of our favorite things with you. Our family is like yours in many ways but we are also very unique in how we have done things. Both of us will be contributing to the blog post and desire to share different perspectives for some of the posts. We will be sharing content related to family life, homesteading, recipes, homeschooling, garden tips, and some product reviews. We hope you are inspired by our content and want to share your own personal story with us.

Our Home

We currently live in a multi-generational home with our children and Jennifer’s parents. This living situation is different than how we were raised but we have seen many benefits from the arrangement.¬†Our children have the benefit of having grandparents in their daily lives, which enriches their lives as well. The grandparents are taken care of by us and have the benefits of being near their grandchildren on a daily basis. If you want to know more about it check out this blog post to learn more.

The Muli-Generational Home

Our Dreams

One of our long term dreams is to live a homestead lifestyle. Because of this we tend to do a lot of things as though we are on a homestead. We are in the learning stages of how to live this way but are seeing improvements in our happiness and with being content.

Another dream is of course financial independence. We hope to achieve this goal by improving this website and by starting a YouTube channel in the near future. One way that you can be a part of this is by clicking on the links throughout our site. Most of them will direct you to different Amazon products that may be helpful for starting your own homestead. By doing your normal Amazon shopping through our Affiliate links we will receive a small commission off of the sales. Your shopping will not be affected by using the links and you will still be buying the products at the normal or sales price.

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Commenting Rules

We are very private people so it is a big step for us to share our story on the internet for anyone to see. Please be respectful in the comments even when you disagree with our views or other commenters. In an effort to keep this website well-suited for all ages we will delete any comments deemed inappropriate.